"A Day In The Life Of A Homesteader's Kid"

A 45 minute Oklahoma Living History Program that meets many PASS objectives and is:



The interactive display that this “hands on” program is built around consists of approximately 50 artifacts from the turn of the century.  Toys made from leftover stuff, antique kitchenware, handmade clothing, folk medicines, barnyard tools, unusual house wares and homemade frontier contraptions that was supposed to ease the arduous frontier life are only some of the items that we pull out of one of our ole trunks.  Your students and I will use them to weave a story together as I take them on an imaginary trip of what a day in the life of a child their age would have been like 125 years ago.  By using their imagination, the antique gadgets and my storytelling, we will visit a frontier cabin or dirt soddy out on the prairie and experience a day in the life of a homesteader’s kid.

I have been presenting library and school programs since 1991.  Also, my wife and I have designed and managed the interactive children’s areas of the Los Angeles County Fair in California each summer for the past 13 years.  Each year over 140,000 inter-city elementary school children come through our areas on scheduled school tours.  They are able to interact with, experience, and enjoy our nationally recognized and award winning educational fair programs.  I hope you will consider this program for your students.


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